Retaining your Independence

Mariana House

At Mariana House, we understand that moving into residential care can be a huge upheaval and we do all we can to help our residents to retain as much of their former lives as possible.  We actively encourage our residents to bring with them any personal items, such as pictures, ornaments and even small pieces of furniture, to help promote a sense of familiarity and security.

The home operates an open door policy when it comes to visits from relatives and friends; Chef is even happy to add an extra plate to mealtimes should a guest wish to dine with their loved one.

Where possible, we also ensure that our residents keep their own GP and any other health care professionals they see regularly.

Our Care Team are always keen to engage with residents, to learn about their likes as well as dislikes and incorporate this knowledge into their care plans, tailoring everything from activities to meals around it.